Brighton Dance Network is soon to become Sussex Dance Network. Find out more about this exciting and positive development for the network right here.

We are an open network of dancers, choreographers, teachers and creative producers who create dance opportunities around Sussex; including weekly classes, workshops, sharing events, performance and teaching opportunities. We enjoy connecting face to face, and expanding the contemporary dance scene in and around Brighton and Sussex. 

Brighton Dance Network was formed in 2013 in order to physically meet likeminded independent artists, to promote our activities, share experiences, and make things happen in and around Brighton. 


We are a grass-roots, artist-led organisation which was born out of the need to connect face-to-face with other artists. Our members make opportunities for themselves and for the benefit of others. We have the long term in our sights – we understand that we have to put time and effort into making this the community we want. A community that will support dance artists through the length of their careers. We know that by making an opportunity for one can lead to opportunities for many. All of the Brighton Dance Network’s activities happen through the hard work of volunteers.


We welcome members to put forward ideas which will benefit the whole, which have sustainability at the heart. We can’t presently offer money, but we have a group of enthusiastic and highly skilled artists, producers and administrators who are willing to give their time and expertise, and which we believe is just as valuable. If you can see room for improvement in the BDN please come along to our next meeting to get involved with making it better.


We hold meetings every 4-6 weeks in the centre of Brighton - the nucleus of the region - where we share a drink and discuss what has been happening. 

If you would like to be informed of the next meetings and hear about exciting projects and opportunities happening in the Brighton area, please follow up on Facebook and join our mailing list using the box at the top of the page

To see some photos of our activities collected over the years, click here.

Who we are...

Photography by Tim Garrod, Luke Lebihan and others.

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